Leasing Options: The First Class Lease


smart Canada and their brand partner, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, have considerable expertise and experience to create a straightforward and easy-to-understand lease for your personal financial needs. The First Class Lease adds an entirely new dimension to leasing, so you can drive and arrive in the style you prefer.

Advantages of Leasing.

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Term options and variable kilometrage
  • Standard Gap Protection
  • Single Pay Option
  • Flexible lease-end options
  • More disposable income
  • A new vehicle more often
  • Convenience of Pre-Authorized Payment
walk-away lease

Walk-Away Lease

The "walk away" (or Closed-End) Lease allows you to make a set number of monthly payments for any term ranging from 24 to 60 months, with a limit to the amount of kilometres that can be driven during the lease term. You also remain responsible for excess wear and tear to the vehicle.

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single pay options

Single Pay Option

The Single Pay Option lets you make all of your monthly lease payments up front, offering a discounted payment over a traditional monthly lease payment.

Available for "walk-away" leases for 24 or 36-month lease terms, this plan lets you make all of your monthly lease payments up front in one lump sum, offering a discounted payment over a traditional monthly lease payment.

With the Single Pay Option, you continue to receive all the benefits of leasing, such as Gap Protection. Why pay 100% cash for a car when you can pay just the single payment and invest the difference? Why pay all the sales taxes up front when you can pay only on the single payment portion? Why not avoid the monthly hassles of writing cheques, tracking invoices and mailing payments?

Anyone who wants to save money is an ideal candidate for the flexible Single Pay Option.



Lease Return Guidelines

We strive to make your lease return process as efficient as possible. The Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Lease-End Guide provides an overview of our vehicle condition guidelines in the event that you choose to return your vehicle.

Please use the link below to download our Lease-End Guide booklet which provides information regarding excess wear and tear, excess kilometrage charges and a vehicle condition review checklist is also included.

Please note, the booklet also references a First Class Finish Card which can be used to conduct your own vehicle condition review. The approximate dimensions of the card are 3.375 inches (width) x 2.125 inches (height).

Download Lease-End Guide