Innovative Charge system.

smart fortwo electric drive

Fast, convenient and intelligent.

Electricity is a wonderful invention. Not only can it be generated by environmentally friendly means, it is also cheap and available virtually anywhere – at home, at work and at public charging stations.

This makes you all the more flexible, as you decide where to charge your smart fortwo electric drive.

What's more, using your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can check and manage functions such as the battery state-of-charge, remaining range and charging time online any time and anywhere.

Simply charge it up.

smart fortwo electric drive coupé - charging

A car that turns any household socketWith 120V charging cable (Standard equipment). into a charging station. the smart fortwo electric drive battery takes approximately sixteen hours to charge from empty to full. A welcome side effect is that you not only reduce the strain on the environment, but also on your wallet. Fast charging is possible with a "Level II" Installed privately by consumer. charging station. In this way, the battery can be fully recharged in approximately eight hours or so from a zero percent state of charge.

Normal charging:

You can charge the smart fortwo electric drive at any standard 120V household socketWith 120V charging cable (Standard equipment).. With the standard on-board charger, the battery can be fully charged again in around sixteen hours. Partial charging is also possible at any time.

Fast charging:

With a permanently installed 240V charging station - known as a "Level II" - at home or at work you can fully recharge the battery in eight hours or so using a power cable. The same time is needed to charge the vehicle at one of the ever-growing public network of 240V charging stations.

Simply drive for miles.

A car that doesn't cramp your style. With a range of up to 138 km, the smart fortwo electric drive is not only perfect for everyday driving around town – a single battery charge also gives you enough energy for spontaneous trips.

smart fortwo electric drive - range